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    Assessment & Diagnosis

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    Goals & Systems

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    Parenting, Families & Self Care

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Clinical Psychologist|Parent Coach

Kate French

Kate French is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Side by Side Psychology in Victoria, Australia. She has been a psychologist for the past 18 years and has a decades experience working with children, teens and families where a family member/s identify as autistic or neurodivergent. Whilst Kate identifies as neurotypical, she has numerous neurodivergent relatives and has seen the challenges of this and how it is frequently misunderstood. She is passionate about supporting individuals mental health and wellbeing. She knows that part of helping families, is to educate how we understand neurodivergence. A driving motivation is being able to help more families understand how a focus on strengths and differences provides opportunities for connection, growth, vitality. Kate provides 1:1 therapy, child and adolescent group therapy, parent coaching, training and supervision to allied health professionals. Kate lives in Sunraysia with her husband and three daughters, and is a fan of summer, yoga, art and reading.

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